Tutto Bono, a classy Italian restaurant at Fairway Nine Mall

tutto bono

Delicious Italian Food at Fairway Nine Mall!

Explore authentic Italian flavors at Tutto Bono – one of the best dining destinations in Fairway Nine Mall!

Fairway Nine Mall is one of the shopping centers in the west Surabaya area, offering a variety of shops, restaurants and entertainment for visitors. Amongst the varied tenants, there is an Italian culinary spot that has caught the attention of many visitors, Tutto Bono. Serving the authenticity and enjoyment of Italian cuisine, Tutto Bono has been established as a favorite spot for connoisseurs of Italian cuisine and lovers of delightful food.

Atmosphere and Design

Like Fairway Nine Mall, Tutto Bono attracts attention with its charming design. The interface combines modern touches with traditional Italian classics, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for diners to enjoy a dish at a leisurely pace.

From the outside, Tutto Bono features large windows that offer views into the restaurant, allowing customers to see the atmosphere and activities inside. This attractive exterior often makes people curious and eager to experience the Italian cuisine provided.

Tutto Bono Main Room

Tutto Bono Tempting Menu

Tutto Bono features an extensive menu, with a variety of very authentic Italian classics. Here are some of the dishes that are customer favorites:

carbonara pizza

Pizza Carbonara

With ingredients such as garlic butter, pecorino, bacon, black pepper, onions and eggs cooked to perfection on top.
Riga toni


The delicious mix of “Amatriciana” bacon, tomato, basil and onion that spoils the tongue

Risotto Pescatore

For those who like spicy, you can try this, a combination of various kinds of seafood that are very appetizing.


It is a “simple dessert but very good taste” consisting of mascarpone, coffee, biscuits.

Customer Experience

Not just for its delicious food, Tutto Bono is also known for its warm and friendly service. The staff strives to provide a pleasant dining experience for every customer. They are ready to help with menu recommendations and answer questions about the dishes served.

The atmosphere of this restaurant is perfect for any occasion, from romantic dinners to family gatherings. With a cozy and intimate atmosphere, Tutto Bono offers a great environment for dining with the people you love.

Final Word

Tutto Bono at Fairway Nine Mall is an exciting culinary destination for lovers of Italian cuisine. With an authentic and delicious menu, and an inviting atmosphere, Tutto Bono offers an unforgettable Italian culinary experience for everyone. For all who seek a warm atmosphere, delicious food and friendly service, Tutto Bono is the perfect choice to explore the flavors of Italy in the heart of the hustle and bustle of west Surabaya.