Reward Yourself with Surabaya’s Authentic Flavors: Unveiling Surabaya Food Festival

Introduction to Surabaya Food Festival

Experience the exciting flavors of Indonesia at the upcoming food fest held at the Main Atrium on the 2nd floor of Fairway Nine Mall! This exciting event boasts of the Nusantara, showcasing a variety of delicious Indonesian signature dishes. However, the treats don’t stop there! The venue will be filled with live entertainment, featuring a variety of heartfelt acoustic performances to a K-Pop festival. You can even witness the grace and energy of a traditional Indonesian dance competition or join a Zumba session for some heart-pumping fun. This food festival is a delightful celebration of Indonesian culture, offering something for everyone presented by JMLOrganizer!

Food Festival

Violin talent show

Surabaya Food Festival opened with a performance from Adin, a renowned violinist whose music was sure to add to the lively atmosphere. This carefully curated introduction serves to prepare the audience for the culinary exploration that follows. The harmonious strains of the violin will serve as a bridge connecting the city’s artistic heritage with Surabaya’s upcoming culinary offerings. The opening underscores the festival’s importance as a cultural event, ensuring a respectful and immersive experience for all visitors.

fashion competition

Fashion competition

Surabaya Food Festival at Fairway Nine Mall will be further enriched by a captivating Fashion Competition. This year’s theme celebrates Surabaya’s artistic identity through “Batik khas Surabaya”, Surabaya’s unique batik designs. Expect a vibrant display of creativity as designers translate the city’s culinary spirit into fashion. The competition promises an exciting fusion of fashion and food, showcasing Surabaya’s cultural depth and the innovative spirit of its local designers.

Indonesian wedding parade show

Adding a touch of tradition to the vibrant Surabaya Food Festival at Fairway Nine Mall will be a captivating Indonesian wedding parade show. This unique show promises a fascinating glimpse into the rich customs of Indonesian weddings, specifically focusing on regional traditions. Be prepared to be awed by a colorful procession featuring the bride and groom in stunning regional wedding attire. The bride’s kebaya, perhaps a golden-colored Surabayan Kebaya shimmering with complex beading, will be a testament to the city’s distinctive handicrafts. The groom will probably wear a beskap (traditional javanese formal shirts worn by the groom). The procession will be accompanied by traditional music, such as the melodious sounds of gamelan or the rhythmic beat of drums. Witnessing this cultural performance will be a delightful opportunity to experience the beauty and significance of Indonesian wedding traditions, all in the festive atmosphere of the Surabaya Food Festival.

wedding parade

Exploring Surabaya's food scene

Besides tempting food stalls and captivating cultural performances, the Surabaya Food Festival at Fairway Nine Mall is also filled with fun-filled entertainment! While savoring the city’s culinary delights, your ears will be pampered with heartfelt melodies from live acoustic performances. Feel free to sway and sing along as local musicians entertain visitors. Energize with Zumba nite, an opportunity to burn calories and pump up your spirit with fellow festival-goers. For those seeking inspiration, talk shows featuring regional models who have thrived in this bustling capital city promise valuable insights and success stories. K-Pop fans can rejoice as the festival explodes with vibrant dance competitions, showcasing the passion and precision of local K-Pop fans. And to truly dive into Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage, witness the traditional dance competition, where graceful movements tell captivating stories passed down through generations. This immersive experience caters to all interests, ensuring Surabaya Food Festival is an all-out pampering celebration.

food festival


Immerse yourself in a vibrant symphony of scenery, sounds and flavors at the Surabaya Food Festival at Fairway Nine Mall! This two-week event, held from 22nd May 2024 to 2nd June 2024 at the 2nd floor atrium, is a celebration of all that Surabaya has to offer.
Surabaya Food Festival is more than just food – it’s a cultural experience like no other. Don’t miss your chance to be part of it! Join us at Fairway Nine Mall and celebrate this event to celebrate Surabaya’s birthday!

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