Fresh Air, Live Music, and Shopping? It’s All at Fairway Nine Mall

Rebranding Lenmarc Mall into Fairway Nine Mall

Want to enjoy live music with the ambience and view of the golf course??

The wait is finally over! Lenmarc Mall has officially completed its rebranding transformation, emerging as the vibrant and exciting Fairway Nine Mall. This rebranding is not just a name change, but also a reflection of the new vision that the mall management wants to show. Fairway Nine Mall now comes with a fresher, modern, and certainly unique concept. With this new spirit, Fairway Nine Mall hopes to provide a different and more interesting shopping experience for its visitors.

Fairway Nine Mall

Fairway Nine Mall's Unique Concept: Connecting Indoor , Outdoor and live music

One of the main advantages of Fairway Nine Mall is its unique concept that harmoniously connects indoor and outdoor spaces. The mall is very well designed, utilizing the beauty of the surrounding nature to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for visitors. One of the highlighted areas is the outdoor Amphitheater located at the mall, with a beautiful view of the golf course as the backdrop. This area becomes the perfect venue for various events, from music concerts, art performances, to community events. With this concept, Fairway Nine Mall has succeeded in creating a shopping experience that not only focuses on convenience, but also on pleasure and fun.

Fairway Nine Mall carries the concept of “Retail Reimagined”. Gone are the days of sterile and closed shopping centers. Fairway Nine Mall has a unique architectural design that blends the convenience of indoor shopping with the refreshing energy of the outdoors. Natural light floods the walkways, creating a more inspiring and uplifting atmosphere. Strategically placed outdoor terraces and patios offer visitors the opportunity to relax and breathe in the fresh air, without having to step away from their shopping trips.

Speaking of fresh air, one of Fairway Nine Mall’s main attractions is its stunning outdoor amphitheater. Set amidst beautiful landscape, the amphitheater offers a perfect view of the golf course, creating a truly unique backdrop for events and entertainment. Imagine browsing your favorite shops, then settling into comfortable seats in the amphitheater to enjoy live music or acoustic performances every weekend. Fairway Nine Mall enhances the shopping experience by offering a delightful blend of retail therapy and outdoor entertainment, all in one beautiful place.

We invite you to experience the wonder of Fairway Nine Mall. Explore the wide selection of shops, enjoy the harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces and be blown away by the stunning outdoor amphitheater with a captivating view of the golf course. Let Fairway Nine Mall transform your shopping experience into a day of discovery, relaxation and fun-filled entertainment. See you there!

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