Le Ble: A Delightful Bakery and Cafe in West Surabaya

Welcome to Le Ble, a cafe in west Surabaya to enjoy culinary delights against the beautiful backdrop of Bukit Darmo golf view. This immersive video gives you a glimpse of the delicious dishes that await you at this unique venue. Le Ble is not just a place to dine, it is also a Western and Asian culinary journey, a place to enjoy coffee and afternoon tea, and a place to sample pastries, desserts and gelato.

Visit Le Ble

Ready to embark on this culinary adventure? Le Ble awaits you at Fairway Nine mall, offering not just a meal but an experience. With a golf view to complement your dining, immerse yourself in a world where flavors come alive.

If you are looking for a new place to try, be sure to check out Le Ble. You won’t be disappointed.