Ipar Adalah Maut: Hanung Bramantyo’s Viral TikTok Adaptation Becomes a Box Office Hit

Ipar adalah Maut, a film by Hanung Bramantyo

Ipar Adalah Maut, an affair-themed film made by Hanung Bramantyo, was released on June 13, 2024. Within two weeks of its airing, the film managed to rank as the fifth highest-grossing Indonesian film of 2024.

This film is an adaptation of TikTok content from Elizafisa in February 2023 which is divided into 24 story parts. Because it went viral, MD Pictures made it into a feature film.

Ipar adalah maut
Ipar adalah Maut

This movie tells the story of Nisa (Michelle Ziudith) who is proposed to by a young lecturer from her campus, Aris (Deva Mahenra). At first their marriage went perfectly, they were also blessed with a daughter named Raya (Alesha Fadillah Kurniawan).

Then, Nisa’s mother suddenly leaves her second daughter, Rani (Davina Karamoy) to live with the couple. That’s when Nisa and Aris’ marriage broke down. Aris, who was considered a good-hearted husband at the beginning of the movie, was actually having an affair with Rani behind Nisa’s back.

Not only in Indonesia, Ipar Adalah Maut will be screened in three other countries in the ASEAN region, namely Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, starting June 21, 2024. On its website, MD Entertainment is optimistic that the film will be well received by audiences in the three neighbouring countries.

Less than two weeks on the big screen, the movie has managed to garner more than 2.6 million viewers in 12 days, according to a report on the official Instagram account of its production house, MD Entertainment. With such a high number of viewers, this movie has the potential to become one of the highest grossing Indonesian films this year. The number of viewers will likely continue to grow as the film is still dominating theatres with a large number of screens.

ipar adalah maut reach 2.6 M viewers
Instagram : @iparadalahmautmovie & @mdentertainment

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