Immigration Made Easy: How to Apply at the Fairway Nine Mall Immigration Office

Immigration Introduction

The immigration service office located on the Lower Ground Floor of Fairway Nine Mall handles various immigration needs for the local community. This office is responsible for processing applications related to passports, visas, work permits, and other immigration documents.

At this office, you can submit an application to renew or replace your passport if it is expiring or lost. You can also obtain visa applications for travel abroad. The clerks will guide you through completing the application accurately to avoid any delays or issues.

M pasport app

The process starts with filling in your details on the M passport application, setting a date and paying the passport fee. When you arrive you will need to bring certain identification documents and fill out paperwork. The office will then review and approve the application before issuing your new passport or visa.


Identification Documents Needed

When applying for an immigration service at the Lower Ground Floor of Fairway Nine Mall, you will need to provide certain identification documents. The key documents that should be included with your application are:

  • Identification Card: This is the official government-issued ID card that verifies your identity and citizenship status. The identification card number and expiration date should be clearly legible. Photocopies are typically not accepted.

  • Family Card: Also known as a family register, the family card shows your family lineage and relationships. It confirms details like parents’ names, spouse’s name, and children’s names. The family card should be up-to-date and recently issued, as older versions may lack new family members.

  • Birth Certificate/Diploma/Marriage Doc: A copy of your birth certificate or diploma of marriage doc verifies your date and place of birth. This is important for confirming details like your age and citizenship status. The birth certificate or diploma should be the original legal document or a certified copy from the appropriate government agency.

  • Bring a stamp duty of 10,000 rupiah.

  • For passport renewal, applicants only need to bring their old passport.

Make sure to bring clear, readable copies of all these necessary identification documents when applying for immigration services. Missing or incomplete documents can lead to processing delays or denial of your application. Carrying the proper ID facilitates the application process and increases the likelihood of success.

Kantor Imigrasi Lenmarc

Filling Out the Application

Completing the immigration service application involves a step-by-step process. Here is what you need to know:

  • When you arrive at the Immigration office at Fairway Nine Mall, you have to submit photocopies of the documents required for the passport and fill out the form provided.
  • You wait for your turn to be interviewed and then photographed for your passport.
  • If you don’t apply for a one-day passport, you will be asked to come back after 4 working days to collect your passport.